Study Abroad

Theseion - Ancient greek theaterThe following three programs are pre-approved, but students may discuss other options with their advisors.

ICCS in Rome

Barnard College participates in the program of the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome. Majors in Classics or Ancient Studies are eligible to apply for admission to the program of the Rome Center for one semester, preferably in the junior year. Courses taken at the Rome Center may be used in the major and, in some cases, may be used to satisfy distribution requirements. The program provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to study ancient history and archaeology in Rome, Greek and Latin literature, and ancient and renaissance art. Students planning to apply to the ICCS should plan to take Roman history before applying and preference is given to those with two or more years of Latin and Greek. Applications for the spring term are due in mid-October and for the fall term in mid-March. Because of Sicily’s ancient connections to Greece, the program focuses more on the Hellenic culture of Magna Graeca and Sicily’s place as a cultural crossroads in the ancient Mediterranean. ICCS Rome Website

ICCS in Sicily

The focus of ICCS Sicily, as in the original program in Rome, will be on classical languages as well as on local manifestations of history and civilization in the ancient Mediterranean world. Based at the University of Catania, in a city with a rich ancient, medieval and Baroque history, this program offers extensive local academic resources and close proximity to both the mainland and other towns on the island. Sicily Website

CYA: College Year In Athens

The College Year in Athens (CYA) program offers either one semester or a full year of courses in ancient and modern Greek languages, history, art, and archaeology, as well as advanced Latin and courses in postclassical and modern Greek culture, politics, and history. Almost 200 colleges participate in the CYA. Applications for the spring term must be received by mid-October and by mid-May for the fall term. College Year in Athens Website

Summer Study

Students interested in summer programs in archaeology should consult the website of the American Institute for Archaeology (AIA) under fieldwork. See

The CUNY Greek and Latin Workshops in midtown Manhattan offer special intensive summer language programs in Greek and Latin. Other institutions including Columbia offer summer language courses. The American Numismatics Society in Manhattan offers courses in the study of ancient coins.

Barnard College is a Supporting Institution of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens and the American Academy in Rome, and certain privileges of those schools are open without fee to graduates of the College.

Scholarship Opportunities for Summer Study

New York Classical Club Summer Scholarships: